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Has a Tiny Crack Appeared on your Windscreen?

A tiny crack in your car’s windshield may make your car useless. A glass chip doesn’t always indicate that it needs to be replaced.

But a small pinprick-sized fissure could suddenly grow to be three inches long in your car’s glass. Then all of a sudden, there is no turning back.

By this point, the glass has sustained enough damage that a complete glass replacement is now necessary. Therefore, it is preferable to use windshield chip repair to control the situation.

Minor scratches might not seem like a big deal, but it’s vital to remember that your windscreen is a crucial structural component of your car.

It supports the roof in the event of a roll and is made to pop out rather than shatter. Even a tiny chip or crack can begin to weaken the glass; if it is not fixed, it will almost certainly get more extensive.

You can remedy the issue quickly with our latest mobile windscreen repair work at your convenience.

Windscreen repairs

How are we the best choice for car windscreen replacement and repair?

We have been in the windscreen repair and replacement business for over 15 years. We pride ourselves in providing the best professional windscreen replacement and repair services. Our mobile service saves you time and money.


Our mobile services consist of the following:

  • Windscreen replacement and repair for automobiles
  • Flat glass
  • Truck windscreens
  • Machinery windscreens

Because of our wide choice of options for replacing and repairing glass chips on cars, our services are exceptional in this sector. We are proud of being the providers of one of the most professional auto glass repair and replacement network around Melbourne. We offer ‘Faster, Safer, and Better’ services. Drive into our service facilities to speak with our professionals or contact us online.


I have a cracked windshield, what should I do?

This is one of the most googled questions regarding automobile repair. It is preferable to have a windshield repair expert look at it as soon as possible. There’s potential for that hairline crack to spread, and driving could become risky for you.

In addition to the obvious safety concerns associated with driving with a cracked windshield, you may be breaking the law if you continue to use it.

You can reach out to us via a variety of channels. Visit our website or give us a call.