Glass Supplied and Fitted to Your Car

Your car’s upkeep is important to keep it running smoothly. When it needs a touch-up, have glass supplied and fitted to your car by Valley Auto Glass.

Car troubles always seem to happen at the worst times. To put your mind at ease and help you drive without worry, we can have glass supplied and fitted to your car by our highly experienced team of mechanics. Come and see what we’re about!


Our personalised services will provide the best glass supplied and fitted to your car.

Glass Supplied and Fitted to Car

We supply glass to fit windscreens, side glass, and rear windows on both modern and classic cars.

No matter whether your car is brand new or second-hand, it’s always important to make sure the glass is properly fitted.

You can have a loose windscreen for a long time without realising it, and the more you drive, the more unstable it becomes. Before you know it, the glass can break and shatter. That’s why it’s important to regularly have your car’s glass checked to make sure it’s fitted properly.

When you need your car windows repaired or replaced, come and see Valley Auto Glass in Pakenham.

With fifteen years of experience in having glass supplied and fitted to cars, we’re your local reliable experts.

We offer excellent windscreen repair and replacement services, and we will even drive to you!

Our mobile service makes it easy for you to save time and money while we work, letting you get back to your life.

Glass Supplied and Fitted to Car

With our wide range of services, you can receive help with truck and machinery windscreens, flat glass, windscreen chip replacement and classic car restoration.

We are proud to offer our services to residential car owners, commercial truck and heavy-duty car owners.

For quality glass fitting and repair services, get in touch with us today.