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Golf Ball vs Windscreen Repair Pakenham

Indeed, an ardent car lover’s heart is broken if his windscreen is broken. Windscreen repairs and replacement cost a lot of money, and it hurts even more when you know that it’s not your fault & that it was damaged by a stray golf ball hit.

We recently came across such a case, where one of our customer’s windscreen was badly damaged being hit by a golf ball. Our professional team, however, replaced the windscreen entirely in no time.


An Experienced Team

We have more than 15 years of experience behind us in car windscreen replacement and repair, and we have fully equipped mobile vans so that we may solve our customers’ windscreen replacement issues on the spot.


Apart from routine car window glass repair & restoration, we offer a multitude of other services, such as: 


Truck Windscreen repairs 

Our skilled team specialises in broken windscreen repair and replacement services for various trucks. As a damaged windscreen can cause the truck to remain stranded out of business operation, we offer quick and prompt on-the-spot repairs, all thanks to our fully equipped mobile vans.  

Machinery Windscreen repairs

Besides cars and trucks, we offer screen repair and replacement for various industrial machines such as hydra, pick-up trolleys, earthmoving, and mining machinery equipment.   

Old Classic car glass restoration 

Our team strives hard to help our vintage and classic car connoisseurs restore or replace the glass of their beloved possession. We even offer custom glass modifications as per their requirement.


Windscreen chip repairs

If you do not attend a windscreen chip early, you increase the probability of damaging the whole windscreen. Most of the time, this kind of chipping occurs when you drive at high speed on highways, and some small stone or object strikes the windscreen at those speeds. Such a strike’s impact is relatively significant and thus causes a portion of the strike zone to chip away. Minor chipping can become a big crack if not detected and repaired in time. We offer professional windscreen chip repairs, no matter the size of such screen dent.     


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Golf Ball vs. Windscreen Repaired - Pakenham Windscreen Repar