Most of us drive our cars without questioning how they work or look a certain way, like what are the black dots on the windscreen?

Valley Auto Glass is your local automotive expert. Our experienced team is happy to answer any questions you have about cars. Even hardcore automotive fans often wonder about the black dots on the windscreen. This handy article will give you the answer!

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What are the black dots?

The black dots on the windscreen may look like a pretty pattern, but they actually serve an important structural purpose. These dots are called “frits”, and they bind the windscreen to the rest of the car so that it doesn’t move around. The dots are painted enamel that is baked onto the surface of the windscreen. This acts as an adhesive and a point of contact to keep the windscreen in place. Without them, the windscreen will quickly become loose and eventually fall out of the frame.


Check those Dots!

If you notice that the black dots on the windscreen are beginning to fade, it’s important to have them checked and replaced as soon as possible. The frits hold the windscreen in position, and without their adhesive, it can become loose. Always visit a professional like the experts at Valley Auto Glass to have the frits replaced, as it’s important that the windscreen is properly affixed to the rest of the car.

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