Pakenham Windscreen repairs

It’s the worst, isn’t it? Getting in the car and there it is. Right there in front of you, across the windscreen: A crack. The windscreen needs to be repaired or worse still, replaced.

But who are you going to call?
This doesn’t seem like a job for the Ghostbusters.

But, you do know a couple of places in Pakenham that do windscreen replacement. So, it should be easy, right?

And then worst becomes worse and the skies open up and rain pelts down. Who will you call now?

Valley Auto Glass, that’s who!



We love to toot our own horn, especially when our team can do what many others won’t.

Recently, our team managed to do an onsite Pakenham windscreen replacement despite the horrendous Melbourne weather. How did they do that? Well, they showed up with the right tools for the job. With over 15 years of experience, we are experts in windscreen repairs and replacements and we know how to deal with the Melbourne weather.

Doing what we do best… but make it rain

Rain definitely adds an element of necessary attention to a windscreen replacement job but when it’s got to be done, it’s got to be done. And when it’s got to be done, we know how to do it. We protect your vehicle externally and internally because the last thing you want after a repair is to get in your car to find puddles everywhere.

Have you ever sat in a wet car seat before? It’s not fun!

Of course, we work quickly because we want to minimise the amount of time that the vehicle is exposed to rain. We have tools to remove the moisture from the cracks or chips and to inject resin and we use high-quality materials that are able to bond and cure even in the presence of moisture.

Turning disaster into opportunity

Once the repair is done, we check inside and out for any leaks to ensure a proper repair.

Now, if you want to look at turning a dreary day into a positive outcome, what better way to check for leaks than when it’s pouring down rain? We ensure you are advised of how long you need to wait just to let the repair fully cure and how to maintain the repair.

That’s how we get you back on the road. Even in the rain.

Preparation is smart

Melbourne’s weather is crazy at best and you never know what’s coming. Nor do you know when you’ll need windscreen repair or replacement. What you can do to prepare is know that we’re there with our mobile service to save you time and money and to help you out with your Pakenham Windscreen replacement, even in the rain.

This is what we do and we’re proud to say we’re damn good at it.

Contact Valley Auto Glass today!

Be Prepared for Rain or Hail