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Anyone may say their car is their pride and joy, but when the car is a classic, it becomes a whole different level of love and attachment. It’s not just your pride and joy, it’s your baby.

And we completely understand. You spend so much time, money, and effort on maintaining a classic car, your baby, to keep it looking immaculate but that’s nothing compared to the initial restoration.

That’s why we specialise in classic cars. We know what it means to you.


Classic car restoration

Deciding to restore a classic car is no small feat and we bow down to anyone who has taken on such a mission.

We’ve seen some spectacular vehicles here and have enjoyed the part we’ve been able to play in restoring each and every one.

These fine beasts deserve the careful attention that’s needed to return them to their original splendour and beyond.

Mustang glass replacement

Classic car restoration – glass focus

In our classic car specialisation, we naturally focus on glass.

We bring over fifteen years of experience in car windscreen repairs and replacement to your classic car because we understand the importance of authentic restoration and that she isn’t just a car!

Our classic car window replacement service is second to none because we understand you should only trust your baby with someone who respects her, like we do.


Not our first rodeo

We’ve been doing this for a while, and our results speak for themselves.

Therefore so many classic car owners come to us and trust us with their babies. We’ve helped owners of all different classic shapes, sizes, and details and we always wonder what’s next.

Sometimes, especially with classic cars, it takes a specialist to find the right materials, the right fit, and even the right tools. We’ve got you covered and with our mobile service, we can help you save time and money too.


So give us a call. Tell us about your classic car and let’s work together to make sure she is just as perfect as you always envisaged.

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