We can all find something special worth appreciating about the ‘old days’. And we can always find appreciation for those things that get called ‘classic,’ be it a car, a song, a building, or anything that falls under this category. This is the mindset we take with our Classic Car Restoration services.

Owning a classic car is a royal thing.

Every time a classic car drives down the street, it makes a statement. Something about the vintage styling, or the old school mechanics, but a good classic car can’t help but inspire awe (and sometimes envy!) into the observer. Who wouldn’t want a classic car for themselves?


Driving a gorgeous vintage vehicle is a dream for many, but it may not be as hard as you may think to actually achieve.

All you need is to get an old car, and then have it restored.


The hard part is finding a good and reliable restoration service, because classic car restoration is a creative art that requires a great deal of skill and care.

Classic Car Restorations
Classic Car Restorations

What is Classic Car Restoration?


Classic car restoration means repairing an old car to its pre-sale condition (or close to) by fixing, painting, and replacing necessary the parts of that car.


In the hands of an experienced professional, classic car restoration can be a relatively straightforward task.

Of course, the condition of the vehicle (pre restoration) will determine the time needed for the repairs, the difficulty involved, and the car’s performance after the restoration process.

Four Levels of Classic Car Restoration

Your car can be restored to four conditions, each appropriate for various uses.
The cost of the restoration will vary according to which of these conditions you decide.


Restoring to a Driving Condition

If the primary purpose of your restored vehicle is getting you transported from one location to another, then it needs to run. A classic car may need cosmetic changes and various parts replaced in order to be returned to roadworthy condition.


Restoring to Street Show Condition

This is the condition you choose if you want your car to be presentable, smooth-riding, and prepared to dazzle the pros. At least on the surface, you’ll want better-quality components, expert repairs, and fine attention to detail.


Restoring to a Show Car Condition

This condition also offers a restoration to the car’s appearance and performance. But this condition also focuses on exhibiting professionalism and meticulous attention to detail, usually to win over the judges at the car shows.


Restoring to a Concours Condition

Concours condition, the highest level of restoration for a historic car, is typically only seen in vehicles displayed at auto shows, or owned by private collectors, or by cars that are never used.

Car Restorations – Windscreens


One aspect that might turn you off is the state of your classic car’s windscreen. The glass can have strange surface coatings, scratches, or faded and dull patches.

Wouldn’t it be better to enter the garage and see the lights glistening off that windscreen, as if it were spanking new?

And before you have to ask: Yes, that is possible.


Replacing or repairing classic car glass, including windscreens, side glass, windows, vent glass, rear glass, etc., can require great care and extra attention, but that is what we do.


We use the latest in windscreen restoration procedures and have over 15 years of expertise in installing and repairing auto glass.

Your satisfaction is our priority.

What are the common windscreen problems of classic cars?


  • Surface build-up – calcium deposits, hard water spots, and other troublesome accumulations can appear on glass over time.
  • Scratches or cracks- Scratches and cracks can be caused by any number of factors, such as unfortunate accidents, negligence, or even just being left idle in a garage for many years.
  • Faded and dull appearance – Major parts of the glass might start to lose its clarity with time. Fortunately for you, we provide scratch repair kits along with glass polishing kits.


To fix all these glass issues, car restorations – windscreen is the solution.


Does your classic car need our service?


Classic car restoration should be done by someone with a great deal of skill and experience.

Here at Valley Auto Glass, we provide expert car restorations – windscreen and replacement services. Our mobile service also helps you to save time and money.

If your vintage car in the garage is waiting for windscreen service, you are just a call away from the best service.

Don’t idle any longer!


Contact us today for more information.

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